Service Pricing

Whether you need sprinkler installation, winterization or snow removal, we have you covered. Every irrigation system is unique, and our irrigation professionals are always happy to help.

We offer annual and monthly memberships, so you only pay the lowest price for every service needed. This is the most cost-effective way to maintain your irrigation system all year, and we offer flexible payment solutions!


From spring activation and winterization to cross-connection testing, membership plans are available with flexible payment solutions! Did you know that you can even save 10% on repairs with an activation membership?

Irrigation activation

Irrigation Activation

  • Turning on your irrigation water to the system
  • Adjustment of heads and nozzles for optimal coverage
  • Timer / Controller programming, as needed
  • Full visual inspection of the entire system
  • Post-inspection consultation if anything else is needed
  • Members receive 30% off the regular (non-member) price
Winterization Blowout

Winterization (Blowout)

Winterization is also known as a “blowout” because we literally blow out most of the water from your system, leaving it empty and ready for hibernation. This is generally performed from mid-September to mid-October in Southern Alberta, depending on the weather conditions.

Zurn gauge - cross connection testing

Cross Connection Testing

Testing of the device used to protect your municipality’s potable water supply from backflow contamination. In Calgary, Alberta it is required by the water purveyor for these devices to be tested every year. A cross connection on an irrigation system must be tested yearly and before the irrigation system is turned on.

Irrigation specialist checking sprinkler performance

Irrigation Performance Check

  • Visual inspection & walkthrough of irrigation zones
  • Perform minor adjustments as required
  • Grade each zones performance
  • Visual inspection of individual irrigation components
  • Complete a performance check list

Lawn Care & Snow Removal

We offer professional lawn care services as they are carefully tied to irrigation. Don’t have the time to shovel snow? Let us take care of it all winter with our timely and reliable snow-cleaning services.

Naiad service employee mowing lawn

Lawn Care / Cleanup

Services starting from $195.70 + GST

  • Core Aeration
  • Power Raking
  • Spring Cleanup (Includes Core Aeration and Power Raking)
  • Bi-Weekly Mowing
  • Weekly Mowing
Snow removal

Snow Removal

Sidewalks only

$375.66 + GST/mo.

Standard Driveway Only*

$375.66 + GST/mo.

Sidewalks + Standard Driveway

$439.98 + GST/mo.

Over Sized Driveway**
Additional Charge

+$68.33 + GST/mo.

Corner Lot Additional Charge

+$68.33 + GST/mo.

Additional Areas (each)

+$68.33 + GST/mo.

*Standard Driveway Is For Two Vehicle Or Less
**Oversized Driveway Is For 3 Vehicles Or More

Irrigation Services – System Installation

Our systems are designed by a Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) to maximize water efficiency and provide the best coverage for your property. The average cost for a sprinkler system installation in Calgary is approximately $6,500 – $8,500. To get a general idea of what your system installation will cost, use the price estimator below.

System installation price estimator

1. Irrigation Control System

  • WiFi Controller – App control, weather-based scheduling adjustment
  • Low-voltage wiring to exterior
  • Remote control valves + protective valve box

2. Irrigation Mainline/Service

Does your property have an irrigation line and DCVA installed by a builder or plumber?

  • External shut-off valve
  • Blowout port (hose bib)
  • Dedicated PEX line to exterior
  • Indoor drain
  • DCVA cross connection control device
  • Cross connection test report
  • Plumbing permit
  • External shut-off valve
  • Blowout port (hose bib)

3. Size of Irrigated Area

How large is the area you'd like to water?

  • Lateral lines
  • Spray heads / nozzles
  • Drip lines
  • Micro irrigation
  • Approx. rate:  $3/sqft

Your Estimated Price

Control System


Irrigated Area

Your Estimated Total

*12 month with 0% APR payment plan is available on approved credit.

  • Most systems we install in the Calgary area are 5 zones or less.
  • This is a rudimentary calculator for budgeting purposes only – your quote will vary.
  • Pricing for installations can be affected by site conditions such as water pressure and flow, existing landscape, underground utilities, etc.
  • Taxes are not accounted for by this tool.