Lawn Care / Clean Up

Experience our professional lawn care services from spring cleanup, lawn mowing, cutting and trimming, aeration, fertilization, and more.

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Summer Lawn Care

Our summer lawn care services include spring cleanups, core aeration, grass cutting, and power raking.

Our lawn maintenance contracts are billed monthly, with packages available from May 1st until October 31st. Trimmings and clippings from our weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing services are mulched by default to provide essential nutrients to your lawn. However, we can bag and remove trimmings at your request as well.

Irrigation and Lawn Care

Naiad is proud to offer comprehensive year-round maintenance packages. Proper irrigation and lawn care are closely tied services.

Any gardening or landscaping project will see its full potential with proper irrigation. The reverse is true, too: it’s more worthwhile to irrigate a nice-looking lawn than an unkempt one. Our lawn care specialists help you get the most out of your yard.

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Lawn aeration

Our Lawn Care Services

Complete lawn maintenance and grass-cutting services for your home or business.

  • Weekly or bi-weekly mowing
  • Core aeration
  • Power raking/dethatching (also includes a mow/trim)
  • Weeding and pruning for your bushes, trees, and garden
  • Spring and fall cleanup packages
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Lawn Care Services Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions when it comes to our Lawn Care & Clean-up services:

What is the best way to take care of your lawn?

A lawn needs air, nutrients, and water.  Ensure that it gets all three to best take care of your lawn.  In Calgary, we have clay soil so aeration is needed and we would suggest at the very least it should be done yearly.

Feed your yard with the right type of fertilizer. (We would recommend hiring a professional company to do that service for you.)  As for water, we do feel is it best to have an underground sprinkler system with a Wi-Fi irrigation timer, such as the Hunter Hydrawise.

A smart Wi-Fi timer like that will adjust run times based on local weather, watering less when it is cold and wet and more when it is hot and dry.

Is it worth paying for lawn care?

Yes, a professional lawn care company will provide quality work that will help you save time.  It is best to sign up for a weekly contract so that your lawn can be cut regularly and will have consistent care.

The healthier your lawn, the more enjoyable it will be for your family. A well-kept yard may even increase the value of your property.

When should I start watering my lawn in Calgary?

It is best to start watering early in the morning before it gets too hot or windy. Generally speaking, we have a lot of clay in our soil, so you do not need to water every day.

If you do not have a smart Wi-Fi timer that can adjust to local weather conditions, you should check the moisture level of the soil before watering.