Commercial Irrigation

Providing large-scale services by a dedicated commercial team. If it’s a big project, you’re in the right hands!

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What are Commercial Irrigation Services?

Services for high-capacity irrigation systems such as parks, apartment complexes, and more.

Naiad offers complete irrigation services for larger commercial properties that require a larger water source. We’ll be there for you from the consultation and system installation to its regular maintenance. Our professionals are fully equipped to handle issues from nozzle replacements to controller malfunctions.

Why Hire a Professional to do Commercial Irrigation?

Commercial Irrigation is typically larger and more complex than a residential irrigation system, so you’ll need a team of professionals to install water efficient, dependable, and sustainable irrigation system.

A hastily serviced irrigation system by a less experienced provider can spell all kinds of trouble! Naiad is staffed by the most Irrigation Association certified professionals in Canada. Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools for various irrigation designs, installations and repairs.

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Commercial Irrigation Services

Our complete irrigation services include:

  • Turning on your irrigation water to the system.
  • Adjustment of heads and nozzles for optimal coverage.
  • Timer / Controller programming, as needed.
  • Full visual inspection of the entire system.
  • Backflow Testing
  • Winterization of the Irrigation System
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Commercial Irrigation Frequently Asked Questions

Need commercial irrigation services? Here are our frequently asked questions.

What benefits can businesses expect from investing in a professionally installed commercial irrigation system?

Investing in a professionally installed system ensures reliable, sustainable, and water-efficient irrigation, reducing long-term costs and maintenance headaches. 

The city of Calgary monitors water usage, which means water bills are increasing. A water-efficient system is key to avoiding overspending on your water bills!

How does commercial irrigation differ from residential irrigation?

Commercial systems are larger and more complex, and most require specialized technology, such as master valves and flow sensors, for efficient operation.

What types of properties typically require commercial irrigation services?

Commercial irrigation services are suitable for properties like condo sites, schools, business complexes, Home Owners Associations (HOA’s), and sports facilities.

Do you offer maintenance ongoing commercial irrigation system care?

Absolutely – Naiad offers regular maintenance, including system inspections and necessary adjustments to ensure optimal functioning throughout the year.

What is backflow testing, and why is it important for commercial irrigation systems?

This testing is crucial to prevent water contamination, ensuring that the irrigation system does not allow the backflow of water into the clean water supply.

How do you conduct winterization for commercial irrigation systems?

Naiad handles winterization by preparing the irrigation system to withstand freezing temperatures, which involves shutting down and expelling most of the water from  the system to prevent damage.