Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors

As a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor we can prepare and submit Water Managed Site Application Forms to help conserve water while maintaining a beautiful yard.

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Efficiency is measured in a landscape irrigation audit for the sake of water conservation edited

Why are certified landscape irrigation auditors (CLIA) important?

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help an irrigation system run as optimally as possible, resulting in an overall reduction in water usage and encouraging plant growth in positive ways.

What is a certified landscape irrigation auditor?

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors (CLIA) are certified by the Irrigation Association.

The main role of a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) is to perform an in-depth analysis of your irrigation system, identify any potential issues or improvements that can be made to the system, and then ultimately provide suggestions to program the irrigation to provide the optimal amount of water to plant life.

Some of the services a CLIA will perform include but are not limited to:

  • Collecting site-specific data
  • Providing maintenance recommendations and performing minor repairs.
  • Taking field measurements and making observations.
  • Determining irrigation uniformity and efficiency.
  • Developing a basic irrigation schedule.
  • Collaborating with water managers or property owners to optimize irrigation water use.

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Sprinkler watering field

Water managed sites and Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors

The City of Calgary is in the process of approving their Water Managed Sites Program. This program will allow properties with an in-ground irrigation system to become certified by the City of Calgary for water efficiency.

These irrigation systems must use climatic or historical weather data to set water schedules in addition to other requirements.

Although the program is still being approved, one thing that is for certain is that Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors will play a key role in the application and approval process to become a Water Managed Site. Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors will also be required in order to maintain your Water Managed Site status once approved.

More information on the Water Managed Site program is available on the official City of Calgary website at https://www.calgary.ca/water/programs/water-managed-sites.html.

Let Us Know You Want To Be A Water-Managed Site

Interested in becoming a water managed site?

We here at Naiad are extremely excited for the eventual launch of the Water Managed Site program in the City of Calgary, and our force of Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors will be ready and willing to assist you in the application process once it has been approved.

In the meantime, we invite you to fill out the following web form; this will allow us to gather some basic information on your irrigation system components. Once the program has been approved we can then reach out to you to discuss the next steps in order to complete the application process.

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