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To put things into perspective - The smallest residential irrigation system we installed in 2022 cost $4,500, and the most expensive was $15,000.
(Approximate date) Our usual install season generally runs from late May to early September.
Please indicate whether you have an existing/established turf and plants or if you are having the system installed prior to seeding/laying sod/planting.
Irrigation systems require, at minimum, a Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) to be installed on the main line of the irrigation system, if you do not have a pre-existing main line chances are you will not have one of these devices installed.
An RPR or Real Property Report indicates the dimensions of your lot and anything on your lot, an RPR is a valuable asset to us in creating an accurate design and quote for your irrigation system
We offer the option of having a eco-friendly fertilizer system installed with our irrigation to fertilize every time you water.
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