Irrigation Peformance Check


Irrigation specialist checking sprinkler performance
Adjusting sprinkler head

What is an irrigation performance check?

An Irrigation Performance Check is a comprehensive inspection of your irrigation system to ensure that it is performing to the best of its ability.

During our visit, our irrigation professional will do the following:

  • A full visual inspection and walkthrough of each irrigation zone
  • Perform minor adjustments as required
  • Grade each zones performance based on a multitude of factors
  • A visual inspection of individual irrigation components including but not limited to: The irrigation mainline(s), controller(s), sensor(s) & control valve(s)
  • Complete a performance check list for the various components of the irrigation system and make recommendations to help perform improvements when and where they are required

Why would I want an irrigation performance check?

An Irrigation Performance Check is the best way to know that your system is doing everything it can to effectively deliver water to your property.

Irrigation systems are mechanical in nature, they are made up of various components that constantly move and are subjected to many exterior forces including regular lawn maintenance. It is not unlikely that at some point during the irrigation season, your system may require minor adjustments to ensure it is working as intended. It is also possible that during normal operation, your irrigation system may have developed some common issues that will require the repair or replacement of various components.

Lawn sprinkler spraying water
Pathway with trimmed hedges and grass

Common issues found in a performance check

Some of the issues that your system may develop over the course of the season include but are not limited to:

  • Improper Coverage
  • Blocked or clogged irrigation nozzles (this is especially common for systems that are drawing water from a non potable supply)
  • Sensor connectivity issues or battery related problems in sensors
  • Damaged irrigation heads or nozzles (typically from lawn maintenance)
  • Electronic issues such as zones not working from the controller

Often, these issues can go unnoticed, especially if we get a lot of natural rain fall. You may not even know you have an issue with your system until we experience a window of warm dry weather and unfortunately the way you will notice is that things will start to look unhealthy, brown or in extreme cases dead.

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Irrigation performance check frequently asked questions

Do you need an Irrigation Performance Check? Here are our frequently asked questions.

How often should I get an Irrigation Performance Check?

One of the biggest benefits of getting an Irrigation Performance Check is the peace of mind in knowing that your system is working as intended which means it is only using the water necessary to keep your plant life healthy.

In addition to this, our irrigation professional may also be able to provide you with information on new technologies and practices that have been developed and are now widely available to help improve the overall performance of your system.

With this being the case, we highly recommend having at least one irrigation performance check done on your irrigation system during a season.

That does not mean that you cannot do more than one performance check in the season, we have various properties in which we do performance checks on a monthly basis up to three times per season to ensure that the system is constantly being monitored.

There is no right or wrong amount of Performance Checks, if you want to ensure that your system is always running at peak performance, you can do that. If you just want to have the peace of mind knowing that your system has been evaluated and is running great at that point in time, that is okay too!

I am an Activation Member; do I get any benefits?


Being an activation member lets us know that you are committed to starting off your irrigation season properly by having one of our qualified professionals turn on your system and ensure it is working properly right at the start of the season.

We want to ensure that our activation members have peace of mind knowing that their system is performing, so we offer a more than 50% Discount to all Irrigation Performance Checks for any Activation Members.

In addition to this discount, you will also receive your membership discount of 10% on any parts or labor that may be required during the Performance Check!

Can I schedule one or more Irrigation Performance Checks each season?

If you are an Activation Member, we can absolutely schedule one or more Irrigation Performance Checks each season.

Simply let us know how many irrigation performance checks you would like to have each season, and we will automatically reach out to you each season to schedule the service(s).

The best part is – if you don’t use the service, you don’t pay a thing. Billing for Irrigation Performance checks is done at the time of service, so even if you say you want to get a check done, but for whatever reason it just isn’t needed, just let us know and we will dismiss that appointment for the season.