Irrigation System Activation

The worry-free way to get your sprinklers spraying each spring, including a diagnostic test of your system.

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What is irrigation activation?

Every spring, there are steps you must take to get your sprinkler system up and running.

Springtime is approaching; it will be time to reactivate your irrigation system. We usually recommend the first week of May, but this is weather-dependent. Also, your lawn’s needs may vary depending on the type(s) of grass, clay, or sand content in the soil and your local climate.

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Do a System Activation…

It’s not rocket science, but it’s not quite simple, either. A hastily activated system can spell all kinds of trouble.

Many components are damaged during the year with the annual freeze and thaw that we experience in Southern Alberta. Our professional Spring Activation service includes a complete visual inspection of your system to ensure that any potential repairs are identified. The best part is that most repairs can be completed during the same appointment!

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Activation Services

Our complete activation service includes:

  • Turning on your irrigation water to the system.
  • Adjustment of heads and nozzles for optimal coverage.
  • Timer / Controller programming, as needed.
  • Full visual inspection of the entire system.
  • Post-inspection consultation if anything else is required.
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Irrigation Activation Frequently Asked Questions:

When spring is finally upon us, it’s time for Naiad to work on activating your irrigation system. Here are a few frequently asked questions about this process.

What factors should I consider when scheduling irrigation activation?

Consider the local climate and overnight lows below freezing, the current state of your lawn and garden, and any recent weather events that might affect soil moisture levels.

What are the potential risks of activating my irrigation system without professional assistance?

Activating without professional help risks damaging the system through improper handling or failing to recognize issues like leaks or blockages.

How long does the irrigation activation process take?

The process usually takes a short time, typically around an hour, depending on the system’s complexity and the property’s size.

Is it necessary to activate my irrigation system every spring, or are there exceptions?

Activating your system each season is generally recommended to ensure it operates efficiently, though there may be exceptions based on local climate or specific landscaping needs.

How can I ensure the longevity and efficiency of my irrigation system after activation?

Regular maintenance, seasonal adjustments, and prompt repairs can ensure the longevity and efficiency of your irrigation system.

Can irrigation activation services be customized based on my specific needs?

Of course! Our services can be tailored based on specific landscape needs, water requirements, and property features.

What happens if any issues or repairs are identified during the activation process?

If problems are identified, professionals can immediately assess and propose repairs or adjustments to ensure optimal functionality.

To learn more, we have an activation video on how to turn on your irrigation system:

Activation Of A Sprinkler System – Naiad Irrigation Systems