Snow Removal

Timely, convenient, professional, and reliable all-inclusive snow removal services

Naiad snow removal services

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Expert Snow Removal, All Winter

Reliable and punctual snow removal services all winter

It’s essential to clear your sidewalks and driveway after a snowfall, to prevent ice buildup and keep you and your neighbours safe. We offer prompt, thorough, and dependable snow removal for your peace of mind.

Stop removing snow all winter and enjoy your free time.

Naiad Irrigation provides the most efficient, dependable and time-sensitive residential snow-plowing services necessary to make your property as safe as possible during winter.

Our teams clear any amount of snow accumulated, apply salt, and remove any ice. Equipped with shovels, scrapers, snow blowers, chuckers, and sweepers, Naiad Irrigation is available to assist you in removing snow and ice from your site during the entire Calgary winter season.

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Naiad snow removal driveway
Naiad snow cleared from bridge

Snow Removal Services

Our complete snow removal service includes the following:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveway
  • Corner lots
  • Front door landings
  • Patios
  • Any other areas of concern
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Snow Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable and punctual snow removal services all winter. Here are some frequently asked questions about our services:

How much does snow removal cost in Calgary?

Some residential snow removal companies charge as little as $100 per month, and others charge over $300. The size and layout of your property are the most critical factors.

Other variables include how many jobs each snow removal worker must do daily. The more jobs a labourer has daily, the less you pay, but the longer it could take for them. If your neighbours have a snow removal contract with a company, pay attention to that company when it shows up after a snowfall. Try searching for available snow removal contractors online and reading customer reviews.

You can usually get the best rate from a neighbour kid because they do not have to drive to your house to remove the snow. On the other hand, snow removal contractors often have some means of documenting when the snow removal happened and supplying you with pictures. The necessary software can cost the snow removal company more money but provides timely and accurate details about when the snow removal was done, giving you peace of mind.

What is a reasonable price for snow removal?

In Calgary, $200-$300 per month. Clients with larger properties, longer driveways, or more areas that need clearing to support their daily routines (for example, an extra path between a side door and outdoor garbage bins) can expect to pay an amount toward the higher end of this range.

How do I budget for snow removal?

Typically, it is a monthly expense rather than per snowfall, as most snow removal workers must be on-call for the whole season.  In Calgary, we recommend signing a contract from November 1 to April 30th. If you pay $200-$300 per month, you should budget $1,200-$1,800 per year for an average house in Calgary.