Happy Holidays from Naiad Irrigation Systems

Happy Holidays from Naiad Irrigation Systems

Naiad Irrigation was established in 1988 with a simple philosophy – quality work and customer satisfaction. Our journey has been filled with meaningful relationships and opportunities to serve our local community here at Naiad Irrigation Systems.

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown alongside you, gaining invaluable experience in residential and commercial irrigation. Our deep-rooted presence in this vibrant city is a testament to our commitment and passion for delivering the best irrigation solutions. We celebrate our local roots and expertise.

As the holiday season approaches, we at Naiad extend our heartfelt wishes to you and your loved ones.  

Sharing a Few Holiday Tips for Your Irrigation System

As we celebrate this special season, we also want to share some quick tips to ensure your irrigation system remains in good shape:

  • Quick Inspection – Take a moment to inspect the outside main line for drips/ice. 
  • Winter Settings –  If you haven’t already, ensure your system is turned to the “Off” position. If you have Hydrawise, there’s no need for this! 
  • Protect Exposed Pipes –  Make sure any exposed pipes are insulated to withstand the cold weather. 

These simple steps can go a long way in keeping your system reliable and ready for the spring.

Snow Glow with Naiad

Join the Naiad team at Rockland Park for the enchanting “Snow Glow” event on December 21st, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. 

Naiad Irrigation is excited to connect with our Calgary community during this magical evening. Stroll around the park’s pond and enjoy the dazzling light installations, art displays, live entertainment, music, small bites, and warm beverages. This is a unique opportunity to meet the Naiad team and celebrate the holiday season together in the heart of Calgary​​! 

Our Commitment Continues

Here at Naiad, we are committed to exceptional customer service by providing clients with timely communication and reliable services. We also want to thank our valued members who’ve signed up for our annual/monthly programs billed in the new year – Jan.1st,2024. 

..But our dedication to you goes beyond providing expert irrigation services. It’s about contributing to our shared community and ensuring that we uphold the trust you’ve placed in us year after year. We look forward to continuing our journey with you, offering our services and a partnership rooted in local understanding and experienced care.  

Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes From The Naiad Irrigation Team!

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