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What is Winterization?

Before the first freeze hits Calgary you should perform a blowout to remove all water from your irrigation system. Frozen water can damage the components of the system from nozzles to the sprinkler heads. This is generally performed from mid-September to mid-October in Southern Alberta depending on the weather conditions.


Winterization is also known as ‘Blowout’ because we literally blow out most of the water from your system until leaving it dry enough and ready for hibernation.

Don't wait until the last minutes

Waiting until the temperature hits below zero is not recommended as this can be enough for considerable amounts of ice to form inside your irrigation system. Calling ‘quits’ on the summer season can be sad, but paying later to repair your system because the irrigation winterization was not done on time does not make it any better.

Get ready for winter

The best time for a blowout service is during the fall. In Southern Alberta that would be anytime from mid-September to the end of October. After October you risk freezing temperatures. water frozen in your lines can create irreparable damages and require replacement. This is not good for your system.


Blowing out lines is no easy task. Make sure you hire this service from a certified contractor. We recommend making sure that your irrigation system is running properly. If you experienced any issues in the summer it might be a good idea to have it checked or repaired.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Blowout Disclaimer


Regarding the service commonly referred to as a Sprinkler Winterization or “Fall Blowout”, depending on the system layout, parts may need to be disconnected in order to ensure that the system has been winterized properly.


Because the system no longer has water running through it, Naiad Irrigation Systems Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Naiad”) cannot guarantee that any components that may or may not have been disconnected and reconnected during the winterization process will be reconnected to the point in which they could be deemed as watertight.

Furthermore, in order to allow certain irrigation systems to drain properly, some exterior components of the system may be left open after the service has been completed to prevent any potential damage to the system over the winter.


With this being the case, Naiad cannot and shall not be held responsible for any potential and/or actual damages to any persons and/or property due to improperly installed, malfunctioning, or otherwise leaking/open components.


Please Note that Naiad Irrigation Systems is not responsible for any damages or potential damages due to freezing conditions. As a result, Naiad can only guarantee services booked on the first day that we are servicing that area. Appointments booked for the second or third day that we are in the area are highly susceptible to freezing conditions which is why we highly recommend always booking for the first day we are servicing your area to avoid any complications.


Should a system be frozen at the time of the winterization, Naiad will return the following week to attempt to winterize the system again. Notice will be sent to any clients who have frozen systems informing them of the situation.


By proceeding with the winterization service, you are agreeing to the terms of this disclaimer.

Naiad offers a Spring Activation service in which the system will be turned on again in the spring safely and following industry best practices to ensure that all fittings are watertight, to prevent any potential damage(s) to people and/or property. This service is highly recommended, but not mandatory.


Should the client choose to turn their own irrigation system on at any point after the Winterization, or have another contractor other than Naiad perform this service. Then they shall be held responsible for ensuring that all components of the system are watertight, closed and/or open as per industry standards.

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