Repair / Maintenance

Lawn sprinkler systems require regular maintenance and repairs to continue to operate efficiently.

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It is no secret that maintenance of any automated system or machine is an essential part of the upkeep to run anything efficiently and cost-effective.


Our certified technician will fully inspect your system from start to end and everything in between. All components will be verified and adjusted to bring you optimal use of your water while maintaining the desired look of your lawn.


Sprinkler heads, nozzles, control valves, pipes and wires can break down due to manmade or environmental reasons. Our expert sprinkler repair service is here to assist you.


An essential part of our maintenance and tuning service is the sprinkler itself. Sprinkler heads tend to have the most wear and tear out of the system. It is therefore of extreme importance to verify that the head and its components are working and are not worn or worse leaky. We inspect everything and provide the tune-up your system needs.