Cross Connection Test

Protect your portable water supply from backflow contamination

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What is Backflow ?

It essentially means the flowing back of water or reversal of the normal direction of water flow in either the Water System or a Customer’s Plumbing system into the public domain or water source

What actually happens?
Water flows from the public line into your home everyday. The average person in Calgary consumes 7,000 litres of water per day. Depending on the devices and water needs your home might need contaminated water may find itself back into the water supply without you even noticing it!

Certified Testing Procedure

If you received a letter, you need to have your cross connection device tested by a certified tester who is registered with the City of Calgary. In order to pass the test, it must meet the following criteria:


  1. The Device Must Be appropriate to the Static Pressure of the line it is installed on
  2. The First Shut Off Must Close
  3. Check Valve 1 must close tight in the direction of flow
  4. Check Valve 2 must close tight in the direction of flow
  5. The second Shut Off Must close


An improperly installed device can result in the immediate failure of a device both in terms of operation and testing.

Frequently Asked Questions
Cross connection test

It is the testing of the device used to protect your municipality’s potable water supply from backflow contamination.  In Calgary, Alberta it is required by the water purveyor for these devices to be tested every year.  A cross connection on an irrigation system must be tested yearly and before the irrigation system is turned on.

They are required wherever there is a cross connection that could potentially contaminate the water supply.  Underground sprinkler systems are a prime example, as dirt and chemicals such as herbicides or fertilizers can enter the system unnoticed over time, even without causing leaks or significant pressure loss.

A sprinkler cross connection is the point at which the sprinkler system hooks up to the potable water supply.  That is why a backflow prevention device (typically a Double Check Valve Assembly) is needed at that location.

  1. The most common cross connection is a hose attached to a garden tap.  If this garden tap is hooked up to an irrigation mainline, it should have a cross connection device installed where the irrigation water line hooks up to the potable water supply.  If it is just a regular garden tap, it should have a hose bib vacuum breaker on it.