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Naiad Membership

Naiad is proud to offer a variety of memberships to suit the individual needs of our clients, these Memberships are designed to make maintaining your irrigation system as hassle free as possible.


Memberships are available for all essential irrigation services so you never have to worry about forgetting to book a winterization or spring activation ever again!

Spring Activation

  • Guaranteed lowest rate
  • Automatically placed into schedule each year
  • 10% Discount on any parts/ labor for Service
  • Priority Service Booking
  • No trip charge on service calls*
  • As low as $10.00/Month for 1-4 Zones

* Excludes After Hours / Emergency Service Calls


  • Guaranteed lowest rate
  • Monthly Payments
  • Automatically Scheduled Each Year
  • As low as $6.70/Month for 1-4 Zones

Cross Connection Testing

  • Guaranteed Lowest Rate
  • Monthly Payments
  • Automatically Scheduled Each Year
  • As low as $7.50/Month Per Device
Membership FAQ

Yes! We have Annual Memberships available for Spring Activations, Cross Connection Testing and Winterizations. Whether you are looking for monthly payments or yearly payments, both options are available and will auto-renew.

Memberships are designed to be a “set it and forget it” solution. This means that all of our memberships (both monthly and annual) will automatically renew unless either party notifies the other within 30 days for the annual renewal date.

Your membership services for the next season will be automatically scheduled by us prior to the season starting. When this happens, you will receive an automatic appointment confirmation for the date in which each service has been scheduled, if any changes need to be made please just contact us and we can adjust accordingly. Note that scheduling is based upon regular operating hours and availability.

Currently our software is unable to process pre-authorized or visa debit payments. We can however except Visa, Mastercard and American Express

Absolutely, if your new property has an irrigation system or device applicable to the membership, we can transfer that membership to the new property. (Note that adjustments may apply as pricing for Activation and Winterization Memberships are based on system size).

Our memberships are a one-year membership with non-refundable fees. Should you choose to cancel the membership before the membership renewal date, a refund will not be provided for any fees paid up until that point (both monthly and/or annual fees). Cancelling essentially means that no further fees will be incurred. Any outstanding services for cancelled memberships will also be cancelled at that time, should you need those services in the future, a new membership will need to be created.

To ensure that all devices are tracked and serviced properly, we do require an individual membership for each device.

At Naiad, we realize that not everyone wishes to have their system activation done by us or may not have a cross connection device to be tested. With this being the case, we have decided that by keeping all of our membership’s individual, our clients can select exactly which memberships they want for their particular needs. Rest assured that once your memberships are in place, you will only ever see one consolidated payment per month (or year) regardless of how many memberships you have.

If this is your first time signing up for a membership, the initial payment will be made once your service is completed that year. Monthly payments for Monthly memberships begin as follows:

  • Spring Activations – May 1st or the next month after service is completed if done after May 1st
  • Cross Connections – May 1st or the next month after service is completed if done after May 1st
  • Winterizations – October 1st

If your service is booked after initial payment is due (say your winterization is scheduled for October 8th (not recommended) then the monthly payment will still begin October 1st, then the initial payment will be charged on October 8th after the service is completed.


  • You may cancel your Memberships at any time.
  • Monthly payments are to be processed automatically via credit card; failure of payment will result in the cancellation of services however the client is still responsible for payment.
  • Payments for Non Member Services will be processed upon completion of service.
  • Prices are valid for the 2021 Season Only and are subject to change
  • Cross Connection Memberships are per Device

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