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Naiad Spotlighted on CTV News for Leading Water Conservation Efforts

We’re excited to share that Naiad Irrigation Systems was recently featured in a news article on CTV News Calgary! 

The piece highlighted how Calgary golf courses are preparing for potential water restrictions in the upcoming 2024 season and how irrigation experts like our team are pioneering efforts to ensure sustainability and efficiency in water use. As water conservation becomes increasingly important, we at Naiad are leading the charge with innovative solutions that provide both sustainability and reliability in water usage.  

Calgary Golf Courses Face Challenges with Potential 2024 Water Restrictions

The CTV News Calgary article brings to the forefront the imminent challenges that local golf courses are grappling with as they brace for potential water restrictions in 2024. It underscores the significant repercussions these restrictions could have on maintaining golf course landscapes, thereby accentuating the necessity for innovative water management solutions to sustain operations and uphold course quality in the face of dwindling water availability. 

“As the water restrictions go through the different phases, we’ll start to see irrigation of rough grass come offline, then we’ll move into reducing the amount of irrigation on fairways, then to the tees.” says John Faber, golf lead for the City of Calgary golf operations.

In the article, Faber highlights the significant role of advanced water technologies like soil meters in determining appropriate water levels for irrigation. While the City of Calgary’s golf courses do not utilize potable water for irrigation, other courses rely on various sources, including treated city water, to maintain their greens and fairways.

Harnessing Technology for Efficient Irrigation

At Naiad, using the Hunter Hydrawise timer is a game changer in the irrigation industry. 

This advanced technology smartly adjusts water runtimes based on the weather conditions, optimizing water use throughout the year. 

In quoting Myles Sidorak, CEO of the company, in the CTA News Calgary article:  

“We use technologies such as the Hunter Hydrawise timer that adjust runtimes depending on the time of year, so if it’s really cool, it’ll decrease the runtimes, but if it’s really warm out, it’ll increase runtimes. In addition to that, as a contractor, we can access our client’s portal and adjust the runtimes automatically, such as last July or August during the water restrictions. We were able to log on to our client’s timers and set them as per the new City of Calgary water restrictions at that time.”

More About Naiad

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Naiad Irrigation Systems was established in 1988 with a simple philosophy – quality work and customer satisfaction.

This simple philosophy is the heart of our business. We have grown to be one of Alberta’s most trusted irrigation companies, with the highest number of Irrigation Association-certified technicians on our staff in Canada. We install and service residential and commercial irrigation systems and provide snow removal and lawn maintenance in Calgary and surrounding areas. With over two decades of experience, we have installed or repaired everything that is irrigation.

Why Choose Naiad?

The recognition by a respected news outlet like CTV News underscores our role as a leader in efficient water management. It’s a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch, reliable service and our commitment to enhancing community well-being through sustainable practices.

We are proud to set a standard for others in the industry, demonstrating that with the right technology and a client-focused approach, maintaining lush, beautiful landscapes can be both environmentally friendly and economically sensible with the right technology and a client-focused approach.
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