Underground Sprinkler System

Check Your Underground Sprinkler System for Summer: Irrigation Tips

Investing in a lawn irrigation system and repair is a wise decision for homeowners seeking a lush lawn without the time-consuming task of manual watering. Opting for professional maintenance is a smart choice. 

By entrusting the upkeep of your system to a skilled irrigation specialist like Naiad Irrigation Systems, you ensure maximum benefits from your investment in an underground sprinkler system. 

So in this article, we’ll provide helpful irrigation tips on checking and keeping your underground sprinkler system well-maintained for the summer! 

Maintaining Your Underground Sprinkler System: Hiring a Professional vs DUI 

Installing or repairing lawn irrigation systems often stems from the desire for a well-maintained, worry-free lawn. However, if you attempt to do this alone, many things can get missed and cause more headaches in the long run!  

Without expert knowledge, you might struggle with tasks such as setting timing and pressure, correctly positioning and angling the heads and spending more time than anticipated on system management.

With a thorough assessment from one of our irrigation professionals, we can recommend improvements or upgrades to enhance the system’s efficiency, water conservation, or overall performance. We can also offer advice on proper watering practices and answer any questions! 

Inspection for Possible Irrigation Repair Needed

Have a professional irrigation technician thoroughly inspect the entire system, including pipes, valves, sprinkler heads, and control systems. They will look for signs of damage, leaks, clogs, or any other issues that might affect the system’s performance.

If any damaged or faulty components are identified in your underground sprinklers during the inspection, the technician will repair or replace them as needed. This may include fixing leaks, replacing broken sprinkler heads, or repairing malfunctioning valves.

The technician can also clean or flush out any debris, dirt, or mineral deposits that may have accumulated in the system. They will also adjust the sprinkler heads for proper alignment, coverage, and water distribution.

System Calibration and Testing 

A technician will ensure your irrigation system is properly calibrated to provide the correct amount of water to each zone. This includes adjusting the following: 

  • Watering schedule
  • Duration
  • Frequency based on plant type, weather conditions, and water requirements.

Once all adjustments and repairs have been made, the technician will run a comprehensive test of the irrigation system. This includes activating each zone and verifying that all sprinklers are functioning properly, providing even coverage, and no leaks or other issues.

Irrigation Repair & Maintenance Services 

Naiad Irrigation Systems is here to provide top-notch underground sprinkler system services from Irrigation Association-certified professionals. We inspect everything and provide the tune-up your system needs.

Our certified technicians will inspect your system, from cross-connection testing to sprinkler nozzles. Sprinkler heads and control valves can break down due to wear and tear. Irrigation maintenance ensures optimal use of your water.

Book a service or call us today @ 587-200-3994. We provide top-notch services from Irrigation Association-certified professionals.