System Installation

Try our system by Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) that maximize water efficiency and provide the best result for your front and back yard.

NAIAD System Installation

Our philosophy at Naiad is to ensure that every customer receives the highest level of service. We provide professional sprinkler system installations paired with friendly service and technicians that are up to date with the latest technology and best practices in the irrigation industry.

Our systems are a carefully designed and Certified Irrigation Designer(CID). Our Award-winning system is a result of superb craftsmanship and the best product at the best price possible. 

  • Maximize water efficiency
  • CPCIA Certified professional work (CID, CIC, CLIA, CIT, CLWM)
  • Full labor and parts warranty
  • Tested, high quality, certified components
  • Cutting edge technology

What is Cost for an Irrigation System?


  Price varies drastically from property to property and there are many factors that contribute to price. A common misconception is that size of property determines the price. While size is a factor, just as important is the shape of the property. Often times a property with many small areas is more expensive than a lot with one large area.

  A typical lot in Calgary costs about $5,000 to $6,500* for an underground sprinkler system installation. Naiad’s detailed quotes allow our customers to know exactly what is going into their lawn and shows what their money is going to.

* Price is based on a full lot and includes necessary plumbing and permits

Annual Maintenance

   Operational costs will be around $350 dollars per year for testing the DCVA, spring activation and fall blowout(winterization) depending the number of zones. The cost of the initial testing of the DCVA and winterization of your new irrigation system is included in the installation price.   


   Naiad does install irrigation systems with technology that conserves water. This adds to the total cost, however, we believe that your long term expenses need to be factored in. By saving installing this water preserving devices your irrigation system ends up being much cheaper in the long run.


  Unfortunately few irrigation companies have this long term vision for their clients, hence providing cheaper alternatives that end up being very pricey in the long run.


   Your ROI depends on the size of the yard, but typically the costs can be recovered in one year. The average irrigation system will cost you $100 per month in water, now factor in a 50% water savings and you will save about $300 per season installing an irrigation system such as ours.   

What Makes Our Installation Stands Out

Inside the House

  • Wi-Fi timers
  • Extra wires 
  • One inch fittings 
  • Winterization Drain

Upgrade Features

  • Flow Meter
  • Master Valve
  • Fertigation System 
  • Rain Sensor

Outside the House

  • One inch pipe / fittings
  • One inch fittings 
  • Garden Tap
  • Secondary shut-off valve
  • Wire conduit
  • Extra wires
  • Wire splice connectors
  • O-Ring manifold fittings
  • Double crimped main line
  • Filters and pressure regulators for the micro irrigation

NAIAD's Installation Process

Initial Visit
One of our trained irrigation technicians will meet with you on site to determine your needs, and to gather information about the property in order to complete an irrigation drawing.
An irrigation drawing of your property will be completed, and a price estimate will be sent to you for consideration. The average cost for a sprinkler system installation in Calgary is approximately $4000. The estimate will include plumbing expenses for the main irrigation line.
To prepare for the installation of your irrigation system, we will install an irrigation mainline (if needed) and backflow prevention device (as per city bylaws). Last, your preferred utility company will come to locate any underground power lines.
Our installation crew will complete the installation of your system. This may take approximately one to two days, depending on the size of the system. Once the installation is completed, the crew will provide a quick overview for you, and ensure that your system is running smoothly.

A city inspector will inspect the backflow prevention device (cross connection device) after it is installed. Someone will need to be home for this appointment.

Post Installation
A post-installation inspection of your system will be completed after one month. This inspection will ensure that your lawn is receiving full water coverage and that there are no deficiencies.

Every irrigation system needs regular maintenance, which includes winterizations, spring activations, and yearly testing of the backflow prevention device

Your first winterization is on us, and we will book this service for you upon completion of the installation. We are happy to provide all of these services and are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Irrigation How-to With Tom

Tom Garbutt, Naiad installation manager, answers frequently asked questions to our valued customers. 

Common Rain Sensor Issues

Which Sprinkler Nozzle To Use?

How To Adjust Sprinkler Head?

Irrigation System Does Not Turn On?

Irrigation System Does Not Turn Off?

Installation Quote Request

Installation Quote
1. Property Address *
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Postal Code
5. Have You Had an Irrigation System Before? *
To put things into perspective, a typical irrigation system in Calgary that requires plumbing to be done can range between $4,000- $6,500,, or more depending on the size.
7. Are You Interested in Financing Options? *
Our usual install season generally runs from late May to early September
9. Do You Have an Existing Lawn / Landsape? *
Please indicate whether you have an existing/established turf and plants or if you are having the system installed prior to seeding/laying sod/planting.
10. Do You Have an Existing/ Pre-Established Irrigation Main Line? *
Many developers may include a "rough in or stub out" for an irrigation system to facilitate the installation. Please note this will be separate from your exterior hose taps
11. Do You Have a Cross Connection Device Installed? *
Irrigation systems require, at minimum, a Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) to be installed on the main line of the irrigation system, if you do not have a pre-existing main line chances are you will not have one of these devices installed.
12. Is Your Basement Developed? *
An RPR or Real Property Report indicates the dimensions of your lot and anything on your lot, an RPR is a valuable asset to us in creating an accurate design and quote for your irrigation system
14. Are You Interested in Upgrading to Fertigation? *
We offer the option of having a eco-friendly fertilizer system installed with our irrigation to fertilize every time you water.
15. How Did You Hear About Us? *
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