Lawn Sprinklers
for Langdon, AB

We provide our full suite of sprinkler system services to Langdon residents and businesses

Qyd, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Don’t hesitate – irrigate!

Conservation is our number one concern in every installation and service call. Invest in your lawn or garden now to save money and water in the long run.

Repairs & Maintenance
Let us keep your pop-up sprinkler system watertight, financially and literally.
Residential Installation
A sub-par sprinkler setup starts costing you money the moment you turn it on. Let our irrigation experts design and install a top-of-the-line system, worry-free!
Commercial installation
We can scale up our impeccable irrigation systems for projects of any size.
Spring Activation
We take care when we turn on your underground sprinklers and perform a full visual inspection to address any issues before they can get out of hand.
Cross Connection Testing
Do your part to protect Langdon’s water supply and have a certified backflow technician test your sprinklers’ cross connection before you activate it this spring.
Put your mind at ease all winter long. We can protect your system from burst pipes and cracked fittings, no matter how cold it gets.